Welcome to the NOAA Collection. Here you will find tabs consisting of a sample location map and a list of all the cruises hosted by the OSU-MGR.
For a digital map of cruise locations and goals see the map below or the NOAA Digital Atlas. Dive location dots below may represent multiple collected samples. Please zoom in to see different samples from the same dive.  

Sample images and descriptions can be found on the individual expedition sites. 


Cruise Lists

EX1504L2: Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument and the Johnston Atoll. Jul-Aug 2015

EX1504L3: Hawaii and Geologist Seamounts. Aug-Sep 2015

EX1504L4: Johnston Atoll. Sep 2015

EX1603: Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument – Deep Waters. Feb-Mar 2016

EX1605: Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument. Apr-Jul 2016

EX1606: Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument. Jul-Aug 2016

EX1702: American Samoa Expedition. Feb-Apr 2017

EX1703: Discovering the Deep: Exploring Remote Pacific MPAs. Mar 2017

EX1705: Mountains in the Deep: Exploring the Central Pacific Basin. Apr-May 2017

EX1706: Laulima O Ka Moana: Exploring Deep Monument Waters Around Johnston Atoll. Jul-Aug 2017

EX1708: Deep-Sea Symphony: Exploring the Musicians Seamounts. Sep 2017

EX1803: Gulf of Mexico.  Apr – May 2018

EX1806: The Windows to the Deep 2018: Exploration of the Southeast U.S. Continental Margin. Jun 2018

EX1811: Océano Profundo 2018: Exploring Deep-sea Habitats off Puerto Rico & the U.S. Virgin Islands. Nov 2018

EX1903L2: Windows to the Deep 2019: Exploration of the Deep-sea Habitats of the Southeastern United States. May-Jul 2019

EX1905L2: Deep Connections 2019: Exploring Atlantic Canyons and Seamounts of the United States and Canada. Aug-Sep 2019

EX1907: 2019 Southeastern U.S. Deep-sea Exploration. Oct-Nov 2019