Collections Overview

The marine sediment and rock collection at the OSU Marine Geology Repository comes from all oceans. As of 2020 it contains:

The Marine Geology and Geophysics Collection: 

•15,200 meters (9.4 miles) of marine sediment from over 6,600 core sites

•Over 560 meters (0.35 miles) of lake sediment from 199 core sites

•8,060 meters (5.0 miles) of terrestrial drill core from 29 sites

•1,600 sediment trap samples

The Antarctic Core Collection:

• Largest collection of geological samples from the Southern Ocean

• Over 18,500 meters (11.5 miles) of deep sea core sediment from 7,370 core sites

Dredge and Dive Rock Collection:

•More than 16,000 rocks from over 529 dredges

•528 manganese nodules

•Rock samples from 139 ROV dives sampled by NOAA in marine national monuments in the Pacific Ocean


The map below contains core, grab, and dredge locations for our searchable holdings listed in the Index to Marine and Lacustrine Geological Samples database. This is a complete list of our holdings but it will be constantly updated with new information as we continue to digitally collate our collection.

Map Instructions

Below is a searchable map of the OSU-MGR sample collections.

Follow steps 1-3 to locate a sample and associated data.

Want to filter by cruise, core type, water depth, or other parameter? See the How to Filter instructions in the next box.


1) Choose Collection                              2) Zoom to a desired location         3) Click on sample to view pop-up box

How to Filter the Map

(1) Click on File icon (bottom right corner)

(2) Click tab of desired collection

(3) Under Options choose Filter

(4) “Add expression” to filter. Be sure to click ‘OK’ to see results